The LK Domain Registry is the National body that registers domain names ending in “.lk”. The Registry has formulated policies with regard to the .lk domain name space, which governs the registration, maintenance, and other operations of .lk domain names.

This document sets out the Registration Policy relating to .lk domain names.
LK - Domain Registration Policy
Name Selection Policy
Domain Names may only be used for legitimate purposes under the Laws of Sri Lanka, and in accordance with our Policies. - Else they may be de-registered.

• The type of names that are generally accepted for registration:
   Eg: “” will be accepted, but “” will not be allowed for registration.

• The following names will generally not be registered:

    Any name that in the opinion of the registrar suggests or is deemed to suggest the patronage of the President of Sri Lanka or any connection with the Government or any Government Department, Municipality, or other Local Authority, or with any society or body incorporated by an Act of Parliament, unless the applicant provides evidence that use of such name has been approved by the relevant Government Authority.
    Personal names/ Country names
    Towns, Provinces and abbreviations thereof. (e.g.,,,, etc.)
    Names that may be offensive, obscene, or grossly misleading to any accepted religion, race, culture, or tradition of Sri Lanka.
    Names denoting Professions, Internet Services, Sports etc.
        Internet Services (e.g.,,,,, etc.)
    They may not be registered under .lk, but may be registered under open second levels or to organizations or associations that represent the relevant industry as a whole. However, by adding a prefix or suffix to a generic name and any generic name that starts with "e” or "e-" could be accepted.
    Sports - relevant authorized body/Ministry will be allowed to register.
    Any name that indicates an activity for which a Government License is required and in such case the name will be allowed on production of the license (banking, insurance, liquour, gambling etc.)
    Any other name which is grossly misleading to above.

• It is suggested that the domain name be the name or abbreviation by which the organization is generally known, unless that name has been assigned to       another organization, or is commonly used by another organization.

• Names should be short (no more than 10 characters is recommended). Names should comprise of only letters a-z, digits 0-9 and hyphens (-). Names should not begin or end in a hyphen. Names should not consist of a single character. Similar rules will apply for Sinhala and Tamil names.

• Names with hyphens will be regarded as separate entities. (i.e. and will be two separate domains)

• Domain names are, in general, registered to organizations (corporations, firms and associations) but may be registered to individuals such as the following :

    Political Candidates

Eg: - If it is an individual’s name it should be of the form first name and last name or initials and last name etc and it should have two parts.
- Need a letter from the individual.
- In the case of people, who are well known by one name, such domain registrations will not be allowed.
- Please refer for more details on personal domain registrations.

• Any names for which the hostmaster has any doubts with regard to their suitability will be reviewed by the Registry Panel and the decision will be generally taken within three (03) working days.

• All registrations under the top-level domain ensure that the domain name is blocked in all open second levels provided the second level domain is available. If a registrant wishes to use the open second level domain names in addition to the top level domain, it can be done by configuring DNS entries for the open second level domain, but DNS for both top level and second level should be hosted on the same server.
Domain Registration Information Policy
Information should be correct and up to date and if not, the domain will be suspended or de-registered.

• The “REGISTRANT” is the official trademark owner or/and highest authority for a domain name. Usually, the Registrant is same as the administrator (ADMIN) though in some circumstances, the Registrant may designate another individual to be responsible for the maintenance of the domain name. Name of the Registrant, Email Address, NIC/Passport/Driving License number, Contact Number must be given at all times.

• The ORGANIZATION would be the Registrant’s Organization, which is legally responsible for using the domain name and for the content of the website/ email. Name of the Organization, Business Registration Number, Business Address and Contact Number must be given with the domain request.

The REGISTRANT and the ORGANISATION should reflect the actual Person / Organisation who is using the domain.

• ADMIN contact information- The domain name administrator is the person or role,who will have full authority to request and authorize any necessary decisions and updates on behalf of the domain REGISTRANT, including contact information and name server information, for the chosen domain name. The administrator is usually, though not always, the registrant of the domain name, is the representative of the registrant. If there is a dispute, only the registrant of the domain can override the administrator's decisions.

• TECHNICAL contact information - The technical contact has the authority to update name server information and attend to the technical administration of the domain files on the server.

• BILLING contact information - The billing contact is the person or role named to be responsible for paying registration and renewal fees for a domain name. A billing contact has no authority to make changes or updates to a domain name.
Domain Name Disputes Policy
• LK DOMAIN shall not be involved in any dispute that the registrant may have with any third party. In case of a dispute LK DOMAIN will suspend such domain until the resolution of the dispute.

• In some cases, where the Registry considers that a name may have multiple IPR owners, the applicant may be asked for a letter that agrees, as part of their request for name registration, to indemnify and hold the LK Domain Registry clear of any and all costs, fees, and/or expenses arising from litigation involving trademark, trade name, service mark, and any other name infringements, or other reasons.

• Names should not include trademarks of other parties or words, which are not permitted in business names, unless the applicant is legally entitled to use such words. Names that are offensive, obscene, or may confuse or grossly mislead the public should not be selected.

• If a person registers a domain name that contains someone else's trademark and if the trademark owner successfully proves the claim of trademark infringement, the domain name would either be cancelled or transferred to the prevailing trademark owner.
Domain Transfer / Reselling Policy
Domains may not be sold, and any such domains may be de-registered.

The REGISTRANT/ ORGANISATION has the right to use the domain name but does not own the domain name nor does the REGISTRANT/ ORGANISATION has the right to own it. As such, the REGISTRANT/ ORGANISATION generally does not has the right to sell or transfer the domain name to any party whether for profit or otherwise. Where a REGISTRANT/ ORGANISATION is found to have breached this policy rule, the LK Domain Registry reserves the right to cancel/de-register the domain name. Re-selling a domain by a REGISTRANT/ ORGANISATION is strictly prohibited and should not publish banners / advertisements with regard to selling/re-selling “.lk” domain(s).
Policy on Suspension and De-registration of Domain Names
A domain name may be suspended or de-regsietered by LK DOMAIN if the registrant has breached any of LK DOMAIN’s guidelines or agreement it has entered into with LK DOMAIN.

Two email reminders will be sent to the Billing contact, one month and two weeks before the expiry date respectively and a RED notice (email) will be sent to the Registrant once the domain is expired. Failure to make payment by the due date will result in your services being suspended in first week of the next month.

Eg: If your domain expiry is due in September, it will be suspended in the first week of October (except for domains registered by Agents and Corporate Customers). There is a 30 calendar day grace period during which the domain name can be renewed. Failure to renew it within this one month period will result in de-registering the domain.

Once a domain is suspended, the category of the domain may change as and when required and it will be effective after the date of domain de-registration.
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